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A Gyöngyháború (2012)

by Nick James(Favorite Author)
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Főnix Könyvműhely
Skyship Academy
review 1: It's Skyship vs The Unified Party, two powerful governments fighting for the control over an essential part of life. Pearls, glowing orbs of light and power. Pearls control the new world. We follow a young teenage protagonist named Jesse, a 'Shipper, sometimes switching to Cassius; part of the Unified Party, narrative. The transitions are handled well between the two and bring two separate paths to a similar resting place. Jesse has always been an orphan, having recollections sometimes of times long past, the same with Cassius. My favorite character had to be Avery, a second character mentioned quite a few times and important to the story line. She has her mistakes but she makes up with it with humor and a nice morality. I couldn't really connect with many of the charact... moreers in the story because their circumstances were really different and unique, making it hard to relate myself with them. So I didn't find myself connecting with really anything in the book but that doesn't make it a bad book just unrelatable. I liked this book, I thought it was fast paced and thrilling but at times it was tedious. My least favorite of the book and probably favorite at the same time was the constantly changing narratives, although it got annoying it still gave a different perspective on the whole situation showing more than one side of the story. I think the author handled the development of the antagonist, leaving mystery but you still know their intentions and a little bit of their path. I would recommend this to someone who loves Sci-Fi mixed with Post-Apocalyptic circumstances, and those interested in fighting governments might find it interesting as well. It was mostly Post-Apocalyptic so those who likes stories like Rot and Ruin might enjoy this series as well if they have a small interest in Science Fiction.
review 2: "The Pearl Wars" is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi young adult novel with an interesting twist. Taking place in and above what used to be America, the Chosen Cities and Skyships battle for the Pearls that provide power. While initially the series seems to be the battle of the two societies that emerged from the ashes of the now-arid United States, the interesting twist at the book's climax promises even more intrigue and ethical dilemma in the rest of the series.I would definitely recommend this to fans of young adult science fiction. Because this book doesn't have a lot of romance, it might especially appeal to any young adult males who are reluctant readers. less
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This book exceeded my expectations!! I was up almost all night reading it eagerly!
cant wait to get my hands on the next book
Another good sci-fi series!
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