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Wicked Whispers (2012)

by Nina Bangs(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 3
0425253139 (ISBN13: 9780425253137)
Berkley Trade
Castle of Dark Dreams
review 1: This isnt the first book Ive read by Nina bangs but its the first Ive read in the Castle of Dark Dreams series. Of course it had the requisit bad ass hero with isses and the heroine with daddy issues and omg suddenly has powers (cliche in both YA and adult romance) but sill I enjoyed the fact that Murmur (choke) really had been a bad ass demon that enjoyed killing but has changed but Ivy did annoy me so much Kellen needed a parental smack down she didnt really even seem to care she has to remind herself to ask how he was and even sid she preferrd to pretend everything was okay with him! come on!!! Anyways she wasnt as smart as I thought... Of course I have a Zane crush yummers =D so back toit liked it but it wasnt the greatest the Heroine was selfish helpless and in the wa... morey with ALMOST no redeaming qualities while the Hero was snarky cynical sexy as hell but was mature and loyal if not always honest.
review 2: The Castle of Dark Dreams is definitely a place I love to visit. It is filled with action, magic and sigh-worthy romance. I loved the story of Murmur who can kill with his music and Ivy who he bewitches one dark night on a Galveston beach. The story is filled with action and quirky characters such as Sparkle the cosmic troublemaker, Ganymede, the fat grey cat and Asima, the messenger of the goddess Bast. If you enjoy a story filled with demons, fairies, wizards (and more) along with a passionate romance, this is definitely the book for you. less
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Absolutely one of my favorite series! Couldn't put this one down.
Great book. Ms Bangs is always entertaining & quite unique!
3.5 stars, it was good but not one of my favourites
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