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Lumberjanes #1 (2014)

by Noelle Stevenson(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 4
Boom! Studios
review 1: CUTE CUTE CUTE. I so loved this first issue! The basic premise is 5 girls are at summer camp that has crazy monsters. They have to team up and fight the monsters with girl power! I love the girls, they are all unique and interesting. The writing is excellent, I love the fun humor and it is such a deviation from my usual dark and gritty comics. I love how this is a book about girls written by girls. Seriously, if you haven't read Lumberjanes yet what the junk are you doing with your life!?
review 2: I've never been too much into comics, so this review might be very biased, but as an intro to a story I didn't really dig it. It was about 24 pages of not understanding what was going on because they didn't explain anything, and just at the end you get a hint.
... moreJust a hint. I know it's meant to be a teaser, but they should've hinted a bit more, if they wanted to create suspense.Anyway, I liked how diverse the characters are, and the style they're drawn. I found that any girl will find a bit of themselves in some character. less
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Beautiful illustration, great setup for the language and quirky characters!
This was really cute! Definitely going to read more.
Cute art and cute dialogue.
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