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Freeing Carter (2000)

by Nyrae Dawn(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Another great book by Nyrae Dawn. I just love her writing, her perspective on youth and growing up. I also really like how real the problems her characters face. I liked that this book was fully from Carters perspective. I also really enjoyed Kira, but she was a little too observant with Carter. However, I loved her and Sara. (I hated Mel, but aren't we suppose to!) Great book. Definitely enjoyed it and look forward to reading more Nyrae Dawn.
review 2: FREEING CARTER is a story about a boy with a lot of responsibility - taking care of his mom and her big secret, taking care of his little sister who adores him, being the perfect boy his girlfriend wants him to be, being the basketball star for his team. But where does a young man draw the line? When does he
... moresay that these problems are really yours and not mine - you need to step up to the plate and deal because these are your problems not mine. less
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An amazing story to sucks you in right at the beginning. Can't wait to read more from Nyrae Dawn.
It was good though i would've liked to know Kira a bit better
Wayyyy too short!!!
Loved it!
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