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The Desert King (2008)

by Olivia Gates(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
0373768966 (ISBN13: 9780373768967)
Silhouette Books
Throne of Judar
review 1: Intense. That's the word for this novella. I just realized that it would have been best if I started from the first book then followed through, because the story only got better.Between Kamal and Amjad (To Touch A Sheikh), Kamal is the more ruthless one, almost bordering on cruelty as Aliyah put it. But as unforgiving as he is, he's that much deeply in love with Aliyah.Aliyah, she's a true heroine. She's suffered through so much and came out victorious, even during the first months with Kamal. She has such a strength of heart that it's impossible not to admire her.Their story was beautifully written, emotionally driven. I loved it. Recommended read.
review 2: Fantastic. Overwhelming. Unforgettable. And all THAT could only describe the wedding scene and wedding
... morenight. I mean, that sword duel between Kamal and Aliyah in their wedding was AMAZING! You should read the book for these parts alone.But then the rest of the book is as incredible. Kamal and Aliyah have a heartbreaking past, and they are both powerful, amazing people who have to marry their worst enemy, each other, to save their kingdoms, Judar and Zohayd. The way they find their way back to each other is sheer storytelling brilliance. Not to mention how the author handled the very sensitive subject of prescription drug addiction that Aliyah suffered from, without any fault of her own, and how hard and long she'd fought to beat it, to become the magnificent woman who held that lion desert of a man's heart in her hand. The Desert King is a memorable love story that I was only sorry got published as a category romance. This book, and the rest of the throne of Judar books, deserve to be printed in a format to suit their magnificence. I hope one day the publisher realizes this and reprints them as they deserve. less
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Olivia Gates distinctive voice provided another lovely escapist read.
best ending of a trilogy
An excellent read.
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