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Green Illusions (2012)

by Ozzie Zehner(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 2
0803237758 (ISBN13: 9780803237759)
University of Nebraska Press
review 1: The first few chapters were interesting, with well-reasoned and -supported criticism of different forms of alternative energy production. In the next 2/3rds of the book the message "conserve and reduce energy usage" drowned in unneccesary verbose page filling. At 150 pages it would have been a great book, with an additional 200+ pages useless prose it got boring and difficult to finish reading it. I do support the message the author tries to bring.
review 2: This was an eye-opening explanation about what is wrong with our views on energy. Instead of looking to find alternative ways to increase our energy consumption, which come with their own problems, we should figure out how to incentivize less consumption, which is also proven to increase people's happiness.
... more One of the most important books I've ever read, if not the most important, so I would highly recommend it. If you want to ask me more about it, please do. If I could get you to read any one book, this would be it. less
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Well documented and well written, original perspective..an eye opener
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