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The Lovely And The Lost (2014)

by Page Morgan(Favorite Author)
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Delacorte Press
The Dispossessed
review 1: Soo I have read a lot of reviews that said that the second book in this series could be or was better than the first.... And I have to agree. I loved this book. I found that it took a little while for me to become fully engaged into the story of the first book, but this book grabbed me and held on from the very beginning. I loved the way the story unfolded and how every character seemed to change and grow so that at one point I was not sure who should be trusted and who shouldn't be trusted. It was definitely a fun ride.
review 2: This is the second in Morgan’s series The Dispossessed. Ingrid, an English girl living in Paris, is learning more about her special qualities. A fallen angel gave her demon and angel blood when she was born and now she is sought
... more by both the fallen angel herself and by humans trying to defeat the demons that plague humanity. Her twin brother has already been captured and drained of his special blood by the fallen angel but now he’s back recuperating with his sisters and mother. Ingrid’s sister Gabby wants to combat the evil forces and hopes to train as a fighter and join the Alliance, a secret group dedicated to destroying the demons. Each of the siblings has a love interest though not all of them love a human. Ingrid is drawn to Luc, the gargoyle who protects her family and looks like a human when there is no danger. She also cares for one of the Alliance members, a bookish fighter from America. Gabby is about to turn sixteen and is attracted to a Scottish member of the Alliance. Ingrid’s twin Grayson is a complex character. He is part hellhound and part human. Freed from the clutches of the fallen angel, he is torn by his lust for blood and his allegiance to his family. He abhors what he is and struggles with his attraction to a female fighter. This Victorian Gothic calls to mind Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices. While the setting and some of the plot are similar, the story is fresh and moves at lightning speed. Morgan has created three romantic couples that are each unique and compelling. Ingrid and Luc are especially intriguing as the couple banned from being together, but who sizzle every time they are near each other. Teens will be swept up in the danger and intrigue. The demons are creative, the gargoyles fascinating and the romance is fierce. less
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Loved it! Great sequel. Can't wait for the next book!
Even better than the first.
better than the first.
4.5 stars
3.5 stars
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