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Fly Away (2014)

by Patricia MacLachlan(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
1442460083 (ISBN13: 9781442460089)
Margaret K. McElderry Books
review 1: Lucy and her family are headed to help her aunt. It is flooding around her aunt's house and Lucy's family wants to help. Great and memorable characters in the story, all with a bit of a stubborn Midwestern quality that makes them endearing. Lucy's brother is two but doesn't talk yet...or so her parents think. Lucy's mother has aspirations that have not been met and is a little disappointed with how life has turned out. Lucy herself doesn't sing and that's another sadness for her mother. A complex story perfect for a young reader.
review 2: Every time I think I can write, every time I finish another novel or story, every time I sell another piece, I read something by Patricia Maclachlan, and I remember just how far I have to go. There is something about her pros
... moree that is so spare and perfect that I always end up crying. This one is no exception. Fly Away rambles a little, but I didn't mind. It is about music, and inspiration, and families, and the way we think we know things about ourselves and our loved ones and are sometimes wrong. And cows. It might not be the first Maclachlan story I reach for when I'm introducing her writing to a student, but I will definitely reach for it. less
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The sweetest little story that was a super quick read. If all families could be so functional.
I really really did like this book! It's so moving! I reccommend this book!
Nice; sweet story; well done; typical MacLachlan
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