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The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens Of Fair Meadow Farm (2012)

by Patricia MacLachlan(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 5
0807566160 (ISBN13: 9780807566169)
Albert Whitman & Company
review 1: Patricia MacLachlan does a wonderful job of adding to the series The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. She keeps the focus on the four children and gives the reader a bit more insight on their parents and how life was prior to their boxcar living. The farm life and sense of outreach to their community was very in line with how the Alden children stick together and appreciate even the small things in life.Just like the series, this book is great for a wider span of ages (5-adult) with the youngest child around five years old and Henry being well into his teen years. A *great* book to read out loud.
review 2: Originally written in 1924, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny live with loving parents on their farm, during the Great Depression. Times are tough
... more, but the family works together to make a warm and loving home. As a late winter storm blows in the Clark family appears when the family car breaks down near the Alden farm. The Clark family is asked to stay at least until they are able to get the parts needed to fix the family car. The two families quickly grow close to each other and a series of childish adventures begins. As the summer arrives as do the parts for the Clark family car and all too soon their car has been fixed. With a promise that they are family the Clarks set off to their original destination. Not long after the Clarks leaving a family tragedy strikes, and the children attempt to stay with family friends near their home farm, but the laws have other ideas which give rise to their plans that lead them to the original Boxcar Children stories. Having never read any of the Boxcar Children stories I can come into this book with a fresh view and say that overall it is a wonderful children’s book. There are many beloved characters and lessons to be learned throughout the Box Car Beginnings. It can also be said that these books might be intended for a mid-grade school level versus a younger level as there are words that might be considered too large for young children. Boxcar Children Beginnings is a fun adventure for the young and old at heart. less
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This was a good and satisfying prequel for the Boxcar Children. BUT IT TORE MY HEART OUT!
Might require this as class easy reader. Only way to get in this series as "current"
I think this adequately captures the spirit and tone of the original books.
I was disappointed - this was not as good as the others.
I didn't hate it.
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