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The Return Of The Black Sheep (Temptation) (2000)

by Patricia Ryan(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
0263795934 (ISBN13: 9780263795936)
review 1: Enjoyable and good, except for the big misunderstanding.This is my second Patricia Ryan novel. I want more. I liked the characters’ issues, how they interacted, their relationship. It was a good story. It was on the short side. I would have liked more development at the end plus an epilogue. He’s 37. She’s 23.I did not like the way Harley (the heroine) acted which caused the big misunderstanding/separation. She learned something, was mad, did not tell him, so he’s stewing and not understanding why she is acting different. Too many romance authors use the big misunderstanding and I wish they wouldn’t. It weakened the story. I would not have minded it if Harley told him right away let him respond. But no, she dragged it out.Minor problem, author put the... more hymen in the wrong place. It’s the door to the hall, not something down the hall.Some typos: tling should be thing, dung should be clung, dosed should be closed.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Kindle count length: 3,677 (188 pages). Swearing language: mild. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: two. Setting: current day Long Island, NY. Copyright: 1995. Genre: contemporary romance, older man younger woman.
review 2: 4 STARRactually i really do like the story but its to short for me...i need more tucker and harley he he heeventhough their big difference age but their chemistry were platonic...i loved how tucker really honest his feelin toward harley, hes respect her and loved her genuinely...and harley really a smart and strong girl..eventhough she had bad past life but she survived and became a great person herself..im glad they both ended up together less
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So, so, so sweet! Full of angst, emotion and happy ever afters. Really enjoyable read. x
Free Kindle download. Pretty typical romance novel but fairly clean as well.
Nice little love story, easy read.
Nice story.
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