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The Slow Regard Of Silent Things (2014)

by Patrick Rothfuss(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 4
0756410436 (ISBN13: 9780756410438)
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review 1: Definitely different, but very beautiful. A little bit pretentious at times, felt a bit like Rothfuss was more focused on his own cleverness with words than on the whole of what he were writing. I was a but disappointed, since Rothfuss said we would find out more about Auri in this book and I don't think we really did - I was hoping for a bit of her history. Maybe that will come out in Doors of Stone. Also it was a bit disappointing that Kvothe is the centre of her world, she always seemed more self contained than that.
review 2: This is the description of a few days in the life of Auri, a secondary character in Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle novels. As the author himself admits, there is no plot, no action, no big cast. There is a smattering of big wor
... moreds that I had to look up. From the stand point of reading an author's character development study, in appreciation of his creative process, this was interesting. But, overall, for me it was just ok. less
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review 3:
I loved it. Pat is right, it's not for everybody, but it was for me. Thanks, Pat. :)
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