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The Angels Are Here (2010)

by Patti Roberts(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
Patti Roberts, via Smashwords
review 1: After reading Witchwood Estate I had to read these.I was immediately transported into a dark world that wants to reek havoc on Earth. But what is stopping them... a child. Grace a beautiful child that unbeknownst to her is the key to everything.Patti's writing is beautifully descriptive without being boring. She easily draws you into her story and you find yourself lost within it. All characters are well thought out and each has a very important role to play and in a strange way are VERY believable. At one point my heart was breaking right along with Grace and at other times I found myself laughing loudly.Not many authors have the ability to capture your heart and make you think about the story even after you've put it down... Patti Roberts is remarkable at it. I look forw... moreard to reading books two and three because #4 will be released soon.Okay enough of this review because I need to get to reading!!!!
review 2: This was a good story but I got confused trying to figure out who it was about. In one place there was a story about these evil people over 1000 years ago, then it went to a young girl called Grace in present day.The Grace story, for the most part, I could follow and felt sorry for her when her father died. Then there was her friendship with Angela but then things would switch and I would get confused.I think that these evil people wanted to destroy Grace.The book overall is well written but not for me.However I will be looking to read other books by the author, just not in this series :) less
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Looks like a good start to what has great potential for a super new series.
Interesting concept. Well done.
The story was hard to follow.
Very interesting read.
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