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Heaven's Queen (2014)

by Rachel Bach(Favorite Author)
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0316221120 (ISBN13: 9780316221122)
review 1: Most book series hit with a bang and sprint for awhile but then smooth out to a steady pace. Sure, you read them when they come out, anticipating the new visit with familiar characters, occasionally reread them if your author takes a long sabbatical. What doesn't happen is you pick up the pace as the series continues: you just have to keep reading to see what happens.....But that's exactly what I did with Rachel Bach's Paradox series, this last book of the trilogy taking me just 4 days (and it would have been 3 but I had to go to sleep just 30 pages from the end last night). The space-opera twists, the wild romance, the alien characters, the universe-building combine to create a bang-up story which you just want to keep reading. It doesn't detract that the story revolv... morees around a career-oriented young female soldier who has a personal goal. The hunk (with retractable scales???) that she picks up along the way is just another tidbit or since when has the sidekick been the male lead? It's difficult to say much about the continuing plot without massive spoilers but this whole series is great for the female reader who wants to relate to a space-faring adventuress.
review 2: A science fiction novel about refusing to accept necessary evils, accepting that some things are out of our control, and freedom to choose our future. There’s a lot of action, danger, and suspense. Devi fights against symbionts who are following orders, struggles to understand what the phantoms want (to go home), and makes a desperate to save people without compromising her honor. I admire how Devi accepts her emotions, how she stands by her principles, and follows through with her convictions. It's a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy! * I won a copy of this book from GoodReads.com * less
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I forgot things from the previous books, but I really like how this book ended the trilogy
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