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The Templar Legion (2011)

by Paul Christopher(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 1
0451233581 (ISBN13: 9780451233585)
review 1: This one was really disappointing compared to the others in the series. While it has the same main characters, it really has nothing to do with the Templars. They're pretty much just a side note. It seems the author wanted to write about the conflicts in Africa and how bad certain things are, but wanted to get the people already reading the series to read it. I read this series because of the historical facts and the Templars; the clues and the puzzles. This was strictly war and gore. And it's getting to a point where he adds extra information just so the reader knows how smart he is and how much research he's done. It was just too much. I finished it very quickly, and that was the best part.
review 2: On one hand I like this book very much, but...there were sp
... moreots that were a bit slow and somewhat confusing. The premise is a good one, lost Templar treasures, a lost Viking raiding party and a secret burial chamber deep into the jungle on a small island. This was an enjoyable read, but as I said sometimes a bit confusing and that made it a bit less enjoyable for me. I like Paul Christopher and have read other books and enjoyed them immensely. I would say to judge this one for yourself. less
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Nothing like a good bad book when you have a cruddy summer head-cold.
I just really liked the pace of this one.
Fast paced - good read.
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