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Musas De Gotham: Unión (2010)

by Paul Dini(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
Planeta DeAgostini Comics (DC Comics)
Gotham City Sirens
review 1: My overall impression of the series so far-I love the concept. Three women who have been villains, not quite bad, not quite good. All famous in their own right, sharing a house and working together. Harley, Poison Ivy and Catwoman are all awesome characters with interesting personalities, relationship dynamics, egos and motivations. I understand they also have a fair amount of sex appeal. However, I am vaaaastly disappointed in the hypersexual nature of the art and the sexualization of not just these characters but also any woman that graces the pages. The constant boob shots, butt shots and impossible anatomy is disappointing and something that myself as a female comic fan thinks we can do without. I get the sex appeal, but this level of sexualization is ridic... moreulous
review 2: I have to confess that I enjoyed this, though it was incredibly stupid. Dini writes well, but these characters are just too doofus to take seriously. Harley's an idiot, Selina's just sort of wall paper, and Ivy is just a bore. But taken in the context of a cartoon (which is how this plays), it was entertaining. Dini also tries (and succeeds, I think), to bridge the worst of the Joker's 50-60s schtick and reconcile it with the mad mass-murderer he is today now that he's gone back to his roots. I can appreciate that, so thanks Dini! less
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The girls are of course, awesome. I love the three of them working together.
Was light fun with the three hotties of the Batman villain world.
All of Gotham's femme fatales in one place? Drool.
Get it! The series to these are awesome!
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