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Gotham City Sirens Vol. 4: Division (2012)

by Peter Calloway(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
1401233937 (ISBN13: 9781401233938)
DC Comics
Gotham City Sirens
review 1: I've really enjoyed Gotham City Sirens, and I'm still sad that the title got canceled when the New 52 came in. But I did find the ending here pretty satisfying. At least it's an actual ending that explains why the entire series had to go away, instead of just an abrupt one. Everything to do with Harley and her Puddin' was spot on. I especially liked how the first part of the story let Harley's psychiatric skills shine. The Maggie storyline was odd, and came to an abrupt and not exactly natural end. But that was over fast, and went back to the storyline that was much better.
review 2: The fragile alliance of semi-reformed bad girls - Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn, the Gotham City Sirens - fractures for good in this book as Harley goes to Arkham to face
... moredown puddin' and winds up inevitably falling for him all over again. Ivy and Catwoman fall out over going back to save Harley and the girls have a showdown in Gotham.The book is kind of a novel idea of putting the three characters together and making them kind of heroes especially as only one could really have a claim to that label and even then very shakily. That said, with nothing really major happening that the usual hi-jinks you'd expect from a Batman spin-off book, the book feels a bit flat and the tension a bit contrived. You know no one character is going to die so all the fighting seems a bit forced.That said, Peter Calloway introduces an interesting idea into Ivy and Harley's relationship - does Ivy love Harley? When the characters begin pairing off with their respective halves (Batman/Catwoman, Joker/Harley, Alyce Sinner/Black Mask) Ivy is noticeably alone. It doesn't go further than an insinuation but development of the idea might make Ivy's character that much deeper."Gotham City Sirens: Division" is a decent read if you enjoy the Batman universe like I do, putting in the spotlight side characters who normally don't receive this much attention, but it's not essential reading to all but big fans of Gotham. less
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I know the title of this volume is Division but I didn't like that they split up.
I loved reading from the point of view of the gals of batman. Awesome.
Great ending but sad to see this series end. I really enjoyed it.
Nice finish to a pretty good series.
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