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Burning Blue (2012)

by Paul Griffin(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
0803738153 (ISBN13: 9780803738157)
review 1: Burning Blue starts off with Nicole Castro one of the most well known people at school getting attacked. When I finished reading that I instantly got hooked. What I like most about the book was that it seemed like every page you read it kept you wondering about who had attacked Nicole Castro. I also liked how in the book there wasn't just one person being accused of attacking Nicole Castro, there were many people that were on the list of being the possible attackers. This was good because it kept you interested to know which one of the people had attacked Nicole Castro. I would recommend this book to everyone because from the beginning and throughout the book it was filled with mystery.
review 2: Originally, this book was not very appealing to me. I honest
... morely began reading it only because the library was out of other gateway novels and I knew I needed to read one. Nevertheless, I began reading and found I couldn't put it down. The book was not about what I originally thought (bullying in high school). Rather, it was about a girl Nicole, who had it all, and she was a kind person. Yet, someone at school hated her so much that they burned her with muriatic acid, so she was no longer beautiful. Jay Nazzaro is a hacking genius who doesn't fit in at school since the incident where he seized at an assembly. They become friends, and Jay becomes obsessed with finding the criminal who ruined Nicole's life. Throughout the story, the reader follows Jay in his search for the "Recluse," and sees Jay and Nicole's relationship blossom. Jay falls in love with Nicole because she is a kind and strong person; she never lost her beauty in that attack because beauty is much more than simple looks. In the end, when I found out who really burned Nicole, it really surprised me. The fact that her mother could be so selfish as to "take her beauty away" so that Nicole would have to stay with her forever, and that she was so naive to think that Nicole's beauty was something that could be taken away...ugh I just really dislike Nicole's mother. It amazed me that in the end, Nicole still made an effort to have a relationship with her mother. Nicole was truly an admirable character, and her strength throughout the book was impressive. I am glad I read this book, because it was an interesting story and it had good messages throughout. less
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Crass and rude and blunt. I expected a lot more from a promising book.
Paul Griffin has a hit here! Excellent read!
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