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Gardens Of The Sun (2009)

by Paul J. McAuley(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 4
0575079371 (ISBN13: 9780575079373)
The Quiet War
review 1: A great follow up to The Quiet War. What I really like about good Sci-Fi is the way it connects with and deals with all that is wrong and bad about humanity and McAuley does that. He also crafts his work on a beleivable if fantasic sounding science. In a society where being Green is the inevitable orthdoxy on a planet trying to recover from runaway global warming yet still trapped in power systems and resoistence to them the struggle has continued to spread across the Solar System. A whole array of characters, who McAuley is not afraid to kill off before the final page, hold the reader to this gripping tale. As with The Quiet War I couldn't put it down!
review 2: A competent sequel, Gardens of the Sun feels very much like a 'middle' novel. The character pieces
... moreare moved around the board, a couple reach the end of their particular story arc and enough interesting stuff happens to keep things ticking along. But I'm now waiting for a big payoff in book three. In the meantime, McAuley does great work rendering outlandish but believable habitats in some of the most remote and inhospitable parts of our solar system. Solid SF. less
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Hugely enjoyed this excellent follow up to the Quiet War. Hoping Paul McAuley writes a part three.
Very interessting ideas, but heavy reading material
See review of "The Quiet War" (book #1).
Good but a lot of infodumping.
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