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The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce (2008)

by Paul Torday(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
0297851594 (ISBN13: 9780297851592)
George Weidenfeld & Nicholson
review 1: An interesting odd and strange book. But a fascinating book as well. It starts at the end and goes towards the beginning. Once you realise it you know there won't be a happy ending. You know the end already. This makes you curious about how it came to the end. My history with Paul Torday novels is that I first watched the Salmon Fishing in Yemen movie on our flight to Germany in 2012. Then just recently I saw the book as a recommendation in our library. I was slightly more excited about the book than I was about the movie. Which wasn't very excited at all. but it made me wonder about the writers next novels. Did he mature? Did he refine his writing? And yes, he did. The characters are much more drawn out, much more refined. The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce drew ... moreme in. It also made me slightly depressed at some stages, especially at the beginning where everything is rather gloomy and you wonder where it will all end. Then you realise that this is the end and this made me somehow calmer and more relaxed. Somehow like a feeling I had the worst already done and dusted and we can move on now.
review 2: I feel as if I've wasted a few days of my life..The title was what had caught my eye and the first few pages were ok enough for me. But as the book went on, I found it getting more and more depressing....still, its a good book if you want to understand alcoholics and how they start, I guess. I got so mad at Wilberforce with each turn of the page and especially when he blamed his wife for her own death in the accident which was clearly his fault.. his reason: The accident wouldn't have happened if his wife had agreed to turn back to get a case of wine!Won't be reading it again but definitely learnt a lot from it =) less
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An easy entertaining read, started off feeling sorry for Wilberforce but ended up disliking him.
Thoroughly depressing and pathetic story of a very weak man.
Absolutely brilliant, one of my all time fave's!
Good book, very interesting and amusing.
Just didn't hold my attention.
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