The Image of You 4 (Chapters 21 – 37)


I am so angry and outraged on Anna’s behalf. Zoe and Nick are such horrible people. I really, really, really hate them!!!

When Zoe arrives in England, she is determined to expose Nick as the womaniser and cheater that she is sure he is. Anna arranges for the three of them to meet, but an emergency at work thwarts Anna’s plans. So Nick and Zoe have dinner alone. From the first moment, Zoe goes out of her way to arouse Nick, talking openly about sex. Nick, who we know is not a saint, is putty in her hands, and he feels attracted to her, and the alcohol they drink doesn’t help him to keep a balanced mind. So they end up in her hotel room and having passionate sex.

I was so mad at them, especially when after that night, they don’t stop there. Zoe’s initial intentions mean nothing when she agrees to see Nick again and again. She likes him, and Nick can’t stop thinking about her. No one thinks about Anna and the harm they are doing to her. They mention her and they know that what they are doing is wrong, but they don’t consider being honest and truthful. Nick tells his friend that he needs the two of them as they give them different things. What a selfish prat! And he is not the worst; I think Zoe’s sin is much worse. After all, Nick has only known Anna only for three months, but Zoe is her sister, the one who claims she loves dearly, the one who wanted to protect her. I feel so sorry for Anna. Nobody seems to love her as she deserves; not even her parents, who are not coming to her wedding because their family counsellor thinks it is not right of them to enable Anna’s wishes by attending the wedding. Poor, poor Anna. I just hope that Zoe and Nick don’t have a happy ending because they don’t deserve a happy ever after.

Zoe and Nick continue their affair whereas Anna thinks that there is something wrong with Nick. The man excuses his absences to hard work, but when they are together, he is still aloof and detached. Also, Anna wants them to have dinner with Zoe but Nick puts up excuses. In one of the encounters between Nick and Zoe, the latter mentions that Anna has been married before, something that Nick hasn’t known. So when he asks Anna, she admits that she was married to Larry for three years; everybody loved him, but she just married him because he seemed dependable and decent after her fiasco with her boyfriend from university. Yet, Larry had an affair, and the marriage ended. In this conversation Nick also learns that Anna is thirty-one, and not twenty-nine, and she also admits that she dropped out of college, so she is not a Yale graduate as she thought. Well, Anna has hidden some things, so what, Nick? Hiding the past is not as serious as what he is doing. He also lied about his life and he is now deceiving a person who has done nothing but good to him and his family. I hope that Anna kicks him out of her life, and Nick ends up with Zoe, but I hope he is very miserable in the end. Both of them. Him and Zoe!!!

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