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Babygirl And The Mean Boss (2012)

by Pepper Pace(Favorite Author)
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Pepper Pace
review 1: Woah, this was another nice quick read. Don't be surprised that I'm so into the interracial romance lately, I found that it's really sweet when reading interracial couple fall for each other despite of their color of skin. So, when Marty, the owner and the boss of restaurant that Nicole worked, being so mean and cold to everybody, Nicole didn't have any interest with this 40 yo white man. She admitted that Marty was hot, but personality is all for Nicole. Then when Nicole got hit-run by an SUV and blood everywhere, she forced herself to walk and ended up in the restaurant instead of her apartment. Lucky her, Marty was there. Story short, they became close and were aware that they had mutual feeling and attraction. But everyone has demon in their life or past life that affe... morect of how they became today. This is not about how they fall for each other or how the sex they had steamy, no. It's about how they beat their demon and start to move on. This was really sweet. Really a nice quick read. I enjoyed it.
review 2: 4.5 stars. This book was short and sweet. It also brought up topic of what damage relationships do happen with your life. Ms. Pace get's into the real story of the character that is based on what is going on with our society. Such as Physical abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse, death. When you read her books it makes you wonder how some of our society can neglect and ignore what is around us. But it is true when they say when there is love and appreciation with work can battle any emotional and physical sorrows. Thank you Ms. Pace for a love story story. less
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3.5 stars. Could've been longer but good short story.
Not a bad read. Quick and entertaining
Loved it
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