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What I Eat: Around The World In 80 Diets (2010)

by Peter Menzel(Favorite Author)
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0984074406 (ISBN13: 9780984074402)
Material World
review 1: This book functions as an anti-foodie construct (with its unintentional emphasis on the mundane, the unsavory and extremes of scarcity and over-indulgence) but is also a must-read for those with any interest in examining what people from around the globe consume in the course of 1 day. This oversize tome is lavish in construction and layout and extremely intimate in its focus on each of its subjects. A very fascinating and lasting experience.
review 2: Pictures 80 individuals from around the world with the food they eat in 1 day. Large, well done photographs with at least a 1 page description of that persons lifestyle.I am interested in other cultures and health, so to me this was a treasure-trove!It is organized according to how many calories they eat, star
... moreting from the least to the greatest. The most overweight person was American, of course, and ate one of the least amount of calories. The person who ate the most calories (exceeding the next lower person's amount by 4,000!) just looked normal (in size...).Very eye-opening. Some very sad stories, though. less
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Great photos. Very informative. Makes you really think.
Wonderful photographs. Very interesting.
Somewhat interesting.
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