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Sezona V Pekle (2010)

by Peter Murphy(Favorite Author)
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review 1: John the Revelator...the song, the book. John of Patmos. John of Jesus and the Book of Revelation.I began reading Peter Murphy's first novel and expected to be engaged, even amazed. And sometimes I was. I think I stumbled often because I "saw" more symbolism and myth and Biblical "stuff" than maybe was intended. Maybe not.Crows...the protagonist John Devine's dream self and symbol of war and recovery to Native-Americans, Celts and pagans. Worms...again, persistent and powerful facts and symbols in many cultures. The novel is suffused with crows and worms, realities and dreams.John Devine grows up in modern rural Ireland, but the book often smacks of time long ago. His mother Lily, Catholic chain-smoker, tries to give his - and her- ruptured selves some structure as she ... moredies. Mrs. Naegle, their supposed friend, is evil incarnate. And Jamey Corboy, John's bright but dissolute friend, is a writer who becomes a criminal involved in pirating musicians' work. Much violence, betrayal, yearning, questing for meaning while slogging through life.Many reviews I read mentioned confusing pacing and plotting. I agree. This short novel skips some sort of light fantastic between clarity and chaos. But I am glad I read it, maybe because Murphy's first asks alot of its readers.
review 2: Non so bene cosa dire su questo romanzo. Mi ha ricordato un po' le atmosfere cupe di Nick Cave (sia delle canzoni sia dei romanzi), è una storia di formazione sofferta e contorta. John cresce con la madre, ha molti incubi e un solo amico, Jamey. Con lui creerà un rapporto molto stretto, ma non privo di tradimenti e sensi di colpa. Jamey gli si offre completamente, gli fa leggere i suoi racconti, si confida, gli scrive lettere quando è lontano, lo perdona sempre. John, per quanto ci tenga al suo amico, è più distaccato, soffre ma non lo lascia mai trapelare di fronte agli altri. E poi c'è il suo rapporto con la madre, a volte conflittuale ma molto profondo.Mi è piaciuto, ma forse mi aspettavo qualcosa in più. less
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a story with very weird writings between the chapters..kind of weird all around.
ahh, ireland. i liked the unexplained details, as well.
Excellent first novel! Recommended to all!
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