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Agatha H And The Airship City (2010)

by Phil Foglio(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I would like to actually give this book 3 and half stars, or 3 and three quarters, but since I can't I am giving it only three, since it just couldn't make the leap to four stars. If you enjoy steampunk and a fast paced read it was funny and interesting, but there was a certain lacking quality to it, perhaps it just lacked enough content or depth and ended too abruptly for my tastes, but the main character, Agatha is likeable and there is good humor in it without it being a heavy read that seemed to drag like Leviathan by Scott W. Although Leviathan did have the bonus feature of having illustrations which would have added much to this novel since Agatha's adventures are based on graphic novels.
review 2: An odd sort of deja vu reading this book, since I've re
... moread the entire web comic. However, the book did a nice job in fleshing out the scenes the web comic was, by its nature, limited to explain. Reminded me why I enjoyed the web comic so much, and also refreshed my memory of the early events in the story. The events in these two books all happened quite a long time ago, now. Agatha entered Mechanicsburg YEARs ago. A good read! Hopefully, the Profs' Foglio will work out the publishing issues and put out more of the novelizations. less
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I love the comic series, but I had a difficult time keeping my reading attention on the novel.
Love this. Awesome read. I cannot wait to get the other two books. xD
don't want to read the rest.
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