Blood Harvest by Sharon Bolton #AudibleReview @AuthorSJBolton

I’m sharing an audible review today for Blood Harvest by Sharon Bolton, narrated by Clare Corbett.

NOW YOU SEE HER…. Gillian is haunted by the disappearance of her little girl two years ago. A devastating fire burned down their home, but she remains convinced her daughter survived.
NOW YOU DON’T…. Ten-year-old Tom lives by the town’s neglected churchyard. Is he the only one who sees the strange, solitary child playing there? And what is she trying to tell him?
NOW YOU RUN…. There’s a new vicar in town – Harry – and he’s meeting the locals. But menacing events suggest he isn’t welcome. What terrible secret is this town hiding?

Blood Harvest is available to purchase now from Amazon – Audio book | eBook | Paperback


From the very first sentence “She’s been watching us for a while now” the hairs were up on the back of my neck and i had a good idea that this was going to be one audiobook i would whizz through and i was right.

Heptonclough a small rural village is now the home to the Fletcher’s, Gareth, Alice and their three children Tom, Joe and little Millie. Setting up home in their newly built house which lies next to the old abandoned church and graveyard, this should be a happy time for them but it’s soon clear that not all is as it seems.

New Vicar Harry comes upon the Fletcher boys when he first arrives at the church and a friendship soon developes between himself and the Fletcher family. Harry feels an unease in the church and after being introduced to some of the villagers its apparent that they are hiding things and Harry may not be that welcome.

Many of the characters in this book had me thinking. Did they know more than they were letting on? Who is responsible? There wasn’t many that were very trustworthy and i love how the mystery and the tension builds.

I instantly felt a creepiness wash over me as soon as i started listening to Blood Harvest and that didn’t leave me until i was finished. The narrator Clare Corbett has done a fantastic job of setting the scene and drawing the listener straight in to the story.

This is only the second book i have read by Sharon Bolton but it certainly wont be the last. Blood Harvest is a very atmospheric book and it was very easy to feel like i was in the story, watching from the sidelines.

Usually when i listen to audio books i have to be busy or my concentration goes but with Blood Harvest i found myself snuggled up in bed listening and totally engrossed. I set the timer umpteen times and every time found myself making it longer so i could listen to more.

If you like creepy, chilling and utterly  absorbing books then Blood Harvest is definitely for you. I’m so looking forward to reading or listening to more by this author. This is a definite recommend from It’s all about the books.




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