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Our Triune God: Living In The Love Of The Three-in-One (2011)

by Philip Graham Ryken(Favorite Author)
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1433519879 (ISBN13: 9781433519871)
Crossway Books
review 1: This is a good introduction to the Trinity. The authors discuss the concept of the Trinity, the various roles of the persons of the Trinity, and our responses to each of the persons. What I appreciate about the book is that it highlights the relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity. Too many believers see the Trinity as a biblical teaching, but one that doesn't make much difference in their everyday lives. Bogus thinking.Nonetheless, I was looking for more depth. The book is great for those who are investigating the doctrine of the Trinity for the first time; but I was looking for more.
review 2: Clear, concise, easy to understand explanation on one of the hardest doctrine in Christianity, the doctrine of Trinity. This book provides straight-to-the-point c
... moreoncept, and it does shed light for me on my understanding of the Trinity. The concept it not illogical, it's just an analogical problem, because there is none like it in our worldly experience. This book also covers practical aspects on how do we relate exactly with Trinity in our daily Christian life. less
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Excellent book! Ryken presents the doctrine of the trinity in a very doxological nature.
A good introduction to the Trinity for a lay reader ... practical and devotional.
Good, concise, and practical introduction to the doctrine of the Trinity.
Good introduction to the doctrine of the trinity.
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