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Wrayth (2012)

by Philippa Ballantine(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
1937007758 (ISBN13: 9781937007751)
Book of the Order
review 1: This book is another strong story in the ultimate series about "The Order" and the changes that are coming. The revelations will shock you and you'll be surprised at how unpredictable the important events are. The battle between good and evil becomes even more intimate and harder for the trio to find the way through to survival. It's a good one - but have the final book ready to go. You'll be dying to know what will happen!
review 2: Every book in this series so far has left me wowed! The ideas are intriguing and fresh! It was great to finally see Sorcha's past and discover how she has the amount of power that she wields, and watching Merrick grow up so quickly. I am interested to see how the Rossin is in future books, given the amount of information that was r
... moreevealed about the geistlord yet so many questions remain. As the story ends it leaves me craving the next novel! less
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Nothing of interest to me. Nothing of substance to challenge. Writing was clunky and heavy-handed.
I think it's fair to say I liked a book when I ask the author for more!
LOVED finding out about Sorcha's background, so intense!
Excellent just what I expect from Philippa Ballantine
More. Please.
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