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Comment Séduire Un Geek, Manuel Du Fêtard (2013)

by Piper Vaughn(Favorite Author)
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Less Than Three Press LLC
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review 1: I read this book last year, but when I found out it was on audio book, I decided to buy it to listen on my drive from Texas to Oklahoma instead of listening to music. I loved this book the first time, so having the audio book was really cool!The narrator, during the pure narration parts, was pretty good, but I really didn't enjoy the voices he made up for most of the characters. Ash and Fee especially didn't sound anything remotely close to what I would have imagined them to sound like. The book itself deals with party boy Ash who is a tattoo apprentice and meets the geeky tech-savvy Fee while helping his brother move into a new apartment with his girlfriend Marisol. Ash is almost offended when Fee turns him down. How could anyone turn down the great Ashley Burn?Ash buys a... more guide book, The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek, and uses it to help get to Fee. I loved the dynamic between these two boys. It's nice to see someone as self-confident as Ash doubting himself and his past for once, and to see Fee finally coming out of his shell and allowing someone into his space was great too.Watching them navigate their way into a relationship and finally getting there was painfully heart-breaking and at the same time, made me smile and cheer for them. There were definitely obstacles but seeing Ash man up and change, that was awesome.I definitely recommend this book.
review 2: 3.5*I will admit that I almost DNF. I am SO very glad that I kept going. The first third of the book was a tad slow. I just didn't get the point. There was nothing, to me, that said romance. It all seemed rather one sided. THEN came the rest of the book. Wow. I already adored Ash. Now I had a reason to adore Fee. They were so very cute together. Being with Fee helped Ash to grow up. Being with Ash helped Fee not be so serious. They truly complemented each other. Of course, there has to be some misunderstandings along the way. They were dealt with in a reasonable manner. They weren't overly drawn out, but they did happen. I think I would have rated this a LOT higher had there been more to the first third of the book. I just really needed something to show WHY Ash was going through all that he did. Overall this was a really great book. If you can make it past the first bit, it is smooth sailing after. :) less
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I so loved this book! I hope we hear more about Ty it seemed unfinished in reguards to him...
5 "so adorable it gives me the warm and fuzzies" stars!
This book was AWESOME, I loved it
Good blurb, flat execution.
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