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The Boy With Pink Hair (2011)

by Pérez Hilton(Favorite Author)
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0451234200 (ISBN13: 9780451234209)
Celebra Children's Books
review 1: I try to read celebrity authored picture books with an open mind. Some impress me (holla Jamie Lee C and Steve Martin!) while others infuriate me because it shows how little some people think of picture books and the skill it takes to write a good one. This one falls into the latter category. The title is great and I think the illustrations are cute but that's where it ends. The story is flat, contrived and uninteresting and totally talks down to the reader. There are better books about accepting differences, bullying etc than this one and children are way smarter than this book gives them credit for. Blech.
review 2: **Caldecott Nomination Book:I believe "The Boy with Pink Hair" by Perez Hilton should be nominated for the Caldecott Award. First of all, I
... more believe this book was very well written and had a great message to it: self-acceptance. This book teaches kids that it is okay to be different and you should not be afraid to express who you really are. In today's world, a boy who is tends to be more flamboyant and "girlier" than the other boys in school tend to get bullied and picked on. This book symbolizes being different is unique and we need to accept everyone for who they are on the inside. Those kids who can relate to this boy will find freedom in themselves and will be able to remember the message portrayed in the story. Also I believe The Boy with Pink Hair has fun and cute illustrations that are also able to portray a clear message to the students. I would definitely recommend this to K-5 classrooms. less
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Can someone please tell this guy to stop writing books?
3.5 stars.
Hated it!
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