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Sanctity Of Hate (2012)

by Priscilla Royal(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
146420019X (ISBN13: 9781464200199)
Poisoned Pen Press
Medieval Mystery
review 1: I think fans of medieval mysteries will dote on this series. It's not my favorite period, but the book had a good, if somewhat predictable plot, and very likable characters. I was most fascinated with the Jewish family and their travails. The author has a gift for descriptive narration that she used well at the beginning and end of the book (the reason I chose to read it, in fact), but I was disappointed that she mostly shelved that gift in the middle. There was a very satisfying finish for the villain, and a lovely "mythic" ending.
review 2: Royal's latest installment of her medieval mystery series finds us in 1276. The discovery of a dead body leads to a lot of finger pointing, insinuations, and down right hatred. The villagers would rather blame outsid
... moreers than one of their own. Because of Royal's skill describing the scenes and bringing to light the prejudices of that time, the reader is carefully placed in the scene, witnessing the fights and hatred for a Jewish family whose only crime seems to be an ill-timed stop for the birth of a baby. Even when the murderer is caught and receives his just rewards, the hatred still looms. It will be hard to put The Sanctity of Hate down but be sure to read every word. The image described at the end will have you saying "Oh, my gosh" and "Wow" for days. A great book. less
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A bit shorter than other books in the series, but also a tighter read.
Like it! Enjoy the informative author's notes too, a treat!
Medieval mystery reminiscent of Brother Cadfel.
God book in a good series.
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