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Ich Versprach Dir Die Liebe (2014)

by Priscille Sibley(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 5
3404169425 (ISBN13: 9783404169429)
Bastei Lübbe
review 1: This was kind of a tough book to read. I got pulled in right away with the plot. Couple in late thirties, childhood friends who grew up and got married, wanted a baby but suffered multiple losses. Then the unthinkable - the wife, Elle, falls from a ladder and is pronounced brain-dead. Just before taking her off life support, they discover she is 10 weeks pregnant. From there, the book delves into some very controversial ground about living wills, do not resuscitate orders, and abortion. There have been some high profile cases over the last several years about similar situations - spouses fighting with in-laws about withdrawing breathing and feeding tubes from spouses who have suffered catastrophic injury. Most of the book revolves around legal/courtroom battles/me... moredical drama with flashbacks about Elle and Matt's life. The moment Matt found the baby book had me in tears. I understood how badly someone could want to believe that they might be able to have a baby of their own. Elle suffered from APS and I have personal knowledge of how this condition can wreck a woman's ability to carry a baby. The ending is as one would expect -- very bittersweet. In my opinion, this is not a light read even though it's not a long novel. Lots of moral and ethical issues. Lots of feels in this one.
review 2: I read this a while ago - and while it is an emotional story, it is a good one. When you read this - you think about what you would do if you were in a similar circumstance? How well do you know what somebody would want if they were faced with this type of crisis? Would you be able to hold it together enough to move on? I would recommend this book - perhaps in the winter more than as a summer beach read. More of a heavy read - but one worth reading less
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Very emotional subject matter, but the resolution was just too neat and Lifetime movie.
Came together by the end but I thought it got long in the middle.
truly a heartfelt read
Thought provoking
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