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The Cartographer Of No Man's Land (2014)

by P.S. Duffy(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
0871407779 (ISBN13: 9780871407771)
Liveright Publishing Corporation
review 1: The first few pages, have you ever thought. No way. This is going to be thicker than mud to get through, complicated, thick, slow, um…wipe it away. The first few pages I was weighed down with the heaviness of the details and could not get my head wrapped around what would be the outcome, and WHOOSH -your are completely swept into a tale that takes you from side of the world to half of another, and on both, hearts, lives, situations, and everything you would know are turned upside down. A lot of historical, alot of personal, and almost being able to taste the saltwater on your lips, P.S. Duffy for a first novel?, SERIOUSLY? a FIRST NOVEL? - the world around the reader slips away and the intrigue that is accompanied with the serious turns of events with Ebbins, Havers,... more and Angus? - hold on because it is a wild, emotional, and healing ride. I am not sure there is anything more amazing when you come across a book that you know nothing about, and by the end it turns your world upside DOWN - welcome to The Cartographer of No Man's Land.
review 2: The story starts in Canada then follows the main protagonist to France/Belgium in the First World War but with interspersed chapters about his family back home. Initially, I found the Canadian chapters less interesting, but as the novel went on they became equally absorbing. The family relationships were incredibly sensitively portrayed. This is more than a novel about the First World War. Its descriptions of the emotional impact the War had make it a thought-provoking and satisfying read. less
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This one started as a 4, but lagged a little bit in the second half. A solid read.
This was well written, but just not my genre.
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