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One Perfect Night (2011)

by Rachael Johns(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
1426892918 (ISBN13: 9781426892912)
Carina Press
review 1: A story with varying levels of intensity yet the emotional pull is significant. Two people who have rather jaded views of life and loving, one has been hurt and discarded by a co-worker who was, for a time, a fiance, and a CEO who plays the field because of significant loss and pain from the past. The impasse between these two people is somewhat protracted and a long-term relationship doesn't appear to be either possible of desirable. Yet there is the kind of tension that makes a reader wonder what is really going on in the hidden recesses of the hearts of these two characters. It's a fun Christmas story--a family Christmas bash is how these two connected--but there is angst and stress in this story, possibly a sense of pain and loss that gives contrast and a sense of ... morereality. I enjoyed it very much.
review 2: I loved this book from start to finish! It is romantic, Christmassy and has great emotional depth. You could understand where both of the main characters were coming from and could feel their pain. This book is well written with the characters properly developed. It has an engaging story line that kept me completely absorbed. After reading ‘One Perfect Night’ by Rachael Johns and enjoying it so much I was surprised to discover that it is her debut book. I hope she has more books in the pipeline as I am very keen to read more of her work and could see her becoming one of my favourite authors. less
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I liked the story -- good for a quick read and romance
3.5 stars
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