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What's Mine Is Yours Intl: The Rise Of Collaborative Consumption (2010)

by Rachel Botsman(Favorite Author)
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0062046454 (ISBN13: 9780062046451)
review 1: If you want to know where the world is headed in the next few years, you must read this book. Rachel Botsman argues that a new economic revolution has already begun, and that it is based on cooperation, and shared ownership. She's right. Is your company thinking about service after the sale? About leasing, renting, and shared ownership of the products or services you offer? If not, you're headed in the wrong direction. Read this book, and redirect, or be passed by, by the new kids in town.
review 2: This book changed my life, in the sense that it told me about current collaborative projects that I didn't know about but am now participating in. For that reason, I liked the book, but there were a couple of reasons I didn't, so I only gave it three stars.1: The a
... moreuthors constantly claimed that collaborative consumption was "in your self-interest" and was a movement that offered great new ways to make stacks of money out of other people. As someone who is a bit more idealistic about people than this, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I think the main reason we should be collaborating is because it is more ethical, not because it happily co-incides with our self-interest.2: Constantly referring to the people who come up with these projects as "hip" and talking about their loft-warehouse-commune-spaces where they sit in front of Swedish drafting tables with headsets on subverting paradigms was equally alienating. It was as if the authors were saying "you'll be a cool kid too if you do this", which seemed like a slick, manipulative, and totally uncool method of convincing the reader. It bugged me, and I cringed every time I read a glowing description of someone that had the words "hip" or "wired" or "cool" in it.The first third of the book was a very interesting history of consumption in the West though. I recommend this book for that, and for dipping into to find out about collaborative projects you might be interested in. less
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Fantastic book to guide us into a more collaborative lifestyle. It can be done!
Rereading this for Faux-MBA book club, since I first picked it up summer 2010.
Thought provoking, modern. Sharing is a great leap in consciousness.
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