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This Strange And Familiar Place (2013)

by Rachel Carter(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 3
006208108X (ISBN13: 9780062081087)
So Close to You
review 1: Lydia wakes up in her life but things are very different. She has effected time in a way that she couldn't have predicted. Wes is back in the picture pretty quickly and Lydia decides that she wants to run away with him. They go back to 1987 and try to find her grandfather. Pretty quick and fun read. The time travel is easy to follow and mystery keeps the readers attention. Too bad the cover is so awful. Good for 6th and up.
review 2: I don’t read a lot of YA, but I make an exception for Rachel Carter and Elena Dillon. This is the second book of The Montauk Project and falls right into place. Lydia has changed the past and now 2012 is wrong and unfamiliar. She's confused and alone and doesn't know if she can trust Wes. As she learns more about the projec
... moret she can only grow more concerned. She learns more about Wes's past but it certainly doesn't make things clearer for her. I'm caught up in this story - I need #3. less
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Great story and great ending. Cannot wait to read the last one!
Awesome second book to the series.
4.5 stars
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