Not our normal Saturday church night

Well the day started out rather sucky. Steph had to get up early for her part time job, that for the next 6 weeks or so will be a second full time job. She is either starving for hours or basically working 2 full time jobs. Steph received a text from her best friend that her brother had been in a very serious accident, so if you are a prayer warrior, sender of good juju, candle lighter, great at keeping people in your thoughts then by all means please do so for this family….this young man is in really bad shape.

Ok, this letter i not capitalizing is the reason i now remember why i typed in all lower case on my old blog. We are going back to that….

So, while getting ready for church i decided to yank out of my makeup drawer all my lipsticks. Raynauds syndrome not only causes color flashing in the hands and feet, but it can affect other extremities. This year it seems when i get too cold or stressed , or in today’s case of bit of both, my lips can look a lovely corpse like lavender color. I put the first one on…..hooker. Wiped that off. Put the second color on……underpaid hooker. Put the third on……expensive hooker. The fourth……grandma with a cigarette bouncing between her lips while she talked with a mouth like a sailor with a beer in one hand and a bingo marker in the other. How do i know what that looks like? I had that grandma. Steph walked in to my room and saw the same thing. Great minds think alike. By the time i wiped off all the residue i could of all four assorted shades it stained my lips a pretty healthy normal shade of lips! There has got to be a better way. I hate lipstick anyway. It feels so gross, and like i dork i usually ended up with it on my teeth at some point anyway.

Steph got home, snarfed a bit of food and we left for church. We tried to be a bit silly to lighten the mood.

I’m am so not a city girl….hate it hate it hate it. Too many cars. Too fast. Everyone is in a hurry. Days like today when the barometric pressure has the vertigo beast being a jerk this is all way too much. I also hate cars. I am a total pickup girl.

I love worship at church. We have an amazing worship team, its the atmosphere that is indescribable. No words. Tonight this is when i burst in to tears. I don’t usually cry during worship…..and guess who forgot to stuff a tissue up her sleeve tonight.

You see, i wore this boot tonight…..

I wore it thinking it would level me out with the other boot. Nope. It was higher! Now my gimp was thrown off and i have the spins. Just a disaster waiting to happen. Thank God it i just tripped and lost my balance a few times. So the tears, as we sang let the devil know not today, are trying to run down my face and i am trying to keep that from happening so i dont have mascara and foundation and concealer running down my face as well.

Tonight there was a quick dinner at bread co, or Panera as it is called by the rest of the world. I, this ex 300+ pound girl who could snarf, back 20 years ago, 3 or 4 pieces of pan pizza and then follow it up with 2 or 3 Krispy Kreme then a swig of malanta and then another bite of a Krispy Kreme to get the taste of malanta out of her mouth, does not like to eat. Give me coffee and i am good, but 2 high protein yogurts is not enough fuel and I was feeling it. My youngest son and i are the same when it comes to eating. I drill him everyday on what he ate, telling him do as i say not as i do. The rest of the family then drills me daily as they come home. It is partially the leftover effect of having to go without food most days for nearly 2 years. We did run through the drive through for coffee and then to walmart for… Insert eye roll here! I was so worried about having coffee for the morning that i totally forgot we needed toilet paper, like really bad, as in we have half a roll in the house. There are now Kleenex in one bathroom and paper towels in the other until we hit the grocery store to shop for thanksgiving dinner supplies tomorrow afternoon sometime. Even though my oldest son’s birthday is on the 15th of this month, which should have been a huge reminder that thanksgiving was in about a week, i somehow just did not realize the countdown to thanksgiving had begun.

Since we only needed a couple of things and Steph was wiped out, i went in to walmart by myself. Curb service and the bun warmer could stay on was a great plus. This is pretty terrifying when i have the spins. Being in a store by myself. If i get hit with a bad vertigo attack i can lose my ability to walk, and communicate. For the majority of us with menieres, high ceilings and fluorescent lighting is a nightmare. I did not realize the bad choice i made until i felt the spins get a little more intense as i walked deeper in to the store. The coffee, of course, is in the coldest part and the furthest back corner. But, my daughter was having a crappy day and as a mom i automatically thought of her first.

I wasn’t feeling very girlie tonight…….more like a lumberjack. I was warm….ish though. I did get to wear something new, that you can not see, that is made of ………..velvet. OMG. Velvet. I will be doing a blogpost on this secret, that is not Victoria’s, hopefully this week. I am just waiting to get 2 photos for the post, hoping i can find what i need while at the walmart.

Darn, i forget how chatty i get when i post. One last thing. I love antiques. Patina. This girl even has a roll of antique toilet paper, that we will not be using. Tonight i got this……..

I have a collection of antique meat grinders, pretty funny for a girl that hates meat, and hope to find just the perfect vintage piece of wood to mount them on for my kitchen someday soon. I have a huge collection of aluminum ware. And tools! Lots of tools for my studio, which i can not wait to get down to. Heal foot, heal.

My dream home would be an abandoned factory, old, or a refurbished barn. A big ole updated farmhouse would also be amazing.

Going to check in with God for a few minutes and then head down the hall to bed.

Love ya.

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