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Soul Screamers Vol. 1: My Soul To Lose • My Soul To Take • My Soul To Save (2011)

by Rachel Vincent(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 5
0373210604 (ISBN13: 9780373210602)
review 1: So first of all I read if I die first by accident not realising it was series until a friend of mine saw what I was reading and told me she had all the books, instead I ordered all the volumes (thought it's so much easier, plus they're so pretty:o)This book was amazing! Literally I was so hooked. I felt like I was in another world learning all these new things about the main character Kaylee. Also I think Kaylee is a very relatable character as to how she reacts to all these new situations throughout the book, I love the concept of having all different kinds of creatures that she has to figure out about, being thrown in the deep end suddenly too.If your having doubts because bean sidhes (banshees) or reapers (thinking it's the casual clock and scythe) push yourself and rea... mored it because one you start you won't be able to stop!This series is what got me back into reading realising how much better it is to films, how much that extra detail means that can be put into writing.THANKYOU RACHEL VINCENT, I love these books and I plan on reading her other series' soon :D x
review 2: Kaylee Cavanaugh is a teenager growing up in Arlington, Texas with maybe a little bit above average amount of teen angst, but nothing like what she is about to feel when she finally finds out what exactly is the deal with her unusual premonitions. She can sense when someone nearby is about to die...but what is so traumatic for a teenager who is not craving to be the center of attention, is that she is compelled to scream, and scream continuously until the person's soul has actually been taken away.Author Rachel Vincent has imagined a world in which Netherworld beings are actively functioning in our "normal" world. Kaylee's Irish heritage surprisingly includes being born a "bean sidhe," an Irish term we (mis-)pronounce, "banshee." Other characters include the Netherworld folks who gather the souls of the dead. We use the term, "grim reaper" to describe them. Kaylee, of course has no idea of these otherworldly activities going on around, so dreads and avoids situations where she might have an episode, which she identifies as panic attacks...but that doesn't work out too well.Volume One of Soul Screamers actually includes a novella and two novels which fill out Kaylee's story. She is able to navigate high school a little easier once she knows there is a purpose to the episodes of screaming, but she is suspicious when three seemingly healthy teen girls drop dead in three days...this isn't norma in either world!The author does a great job of unfolding the plot and the parameters of this world, introducing layer after layer, character after character, all of which add to the richness of this story. There are three more Soul Screamers anthologies, so fans can finish one and pick up the next right away. The good news is that Ms. Vincent is a prolific writer and a good story teller, so her newer fans have many books to read before they must search for a new series...and when that happens, Ms. Vincent has written other series in the paranormal genre, including a shape shifter series.These books are published by Harlequin Teen, and should continue to find a ready audience in the young adult readers already familiar with the popular vampire romances. less
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Very enthralling with Kaylee's human nature despite her species difference!
loved it the vhacters are cool everythig about it is so cool 5 stars
Another series that just caught my eye, and I fell in love with
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