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Attachments (2011)

by Rainbow Rowell(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 6
0525951989 (ISBN13: 9780525951988)
Dutton Adult
review 1: I felt like this had the potential of being really cute. All that "Hi I'm the guy who reads your email and I love you" thing. But it turned out to be kinda creepy. I know that it should've worked the other way, that I should have seen how cute it was despite its creepiness and be swooned by Lincoln. But the opposite happened. I love Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl, Eleanor & Park; all my favourite books. Attachments is her first novel. I'll let it pass this time. (in case the last part makes me sound really egoistic and pretentious, I should make it clear that it's meant to be sarcastic)
review 2: Ok...fast read...definitely a chick book. This book was suggested by a young clerk in a Berkeley bookstore ans being superior to "The Rosie Project" which I want to read and
... more that they did not have in stock. The IT guy in the story is supposed to be this "Super cute" guy who works nights scanning personnel emails to determine if worker bees are inappropriately using their email. He lives with his mom and plays D&D and should be a dork. But he's a hunk. I laughed out loud perhaps 2 times but I did enjoy the back and forth email banter between friends. It was a fast read but I think more appealing to the young techno crowd less
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Loved this. Good premise and really funny. The ending was so well done. Didn't want it to end.
Bit slow moving but I loved the characters and the developing relationships between them.
Really good idea and I enjoyed the book, but the ending was rushed and poorly written.
Very Sweet book.
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