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Landline (2014)

by Rainbow Rowell(Favorite Author)
3.13 of 5 Votes: 11
1250049377 (ISBN13: 9781250049377)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: This was so good. Rainbow, I love you. I've read Fangirl and Eleanor and Park and now Landline....I think I liked Eleanor and Park the best but they're all great so everyone pick 'em up! Especially people like me--oddball, kind of chubby girls with awkwardness DEEP IN YOUR SOUL. You will feel at home. Anyway, this book in particular--I just couldn't put it down! I felt like Georgie's response to the magic landline was a little too meta--I would have rather her just kind of accept it after one moment of weirdness and the 30 or so pages of her going "Is this weird? It's totally weird" was just a liiiiiittle too much for me. BUT FOR REAL, great book. I'm sure it's probably better for married people, because that stuff (while I *get it* and the story made me feel EMOTIONAL) do... moreesn't really resonate with me yet.
review 2: To be honest, I skimmed to the end when I was half way there. I've really enjoyed Rainbow Rowell's other books and there was much to praise in this book but it was a bit sad and internal for me right now and that's just personal preference. I'm in the mood for a little more external action. It was a kind of autopsy of a relationship, more specifically marriage with a speculative fiction spin. I couldn't fully invest in Georgie. She was a bit depressed and the characters seemed far away from themselves if that makes sense and therefore far away from each other. There was a lot of truth in this book though and it was good, solid writing with insight and awareness of what it's like to persevere and grow together or feel stagnant and not attuned with children. I guess I just was in the mood for a little glitter, a little candy coating. It did have some sweetness. I liked her younger sister and it was an interesting premise. less
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I love Rainbow Rowell's writing so much. I'm gonna cry. This book was so beautiful.
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