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Fangirl (2013)

by Rainbow Rowell(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 32
St. Martin's Press
review 1: Probably one of my favorite books so far. The book struck out to me since it talked about a girl in college who still avidly writes fanfiction of her favorite fandom as a kid. I can completely understand since that use to be me. Now that I am a sophomore in college, it kinda gave me the perspective of wanting to return to that world where I can imagine and create worlds of my own with the characters I love. Rainbow Rowell's writing kept me bursting me out in laughter while I read. Her humor and her subtle use of pop culture just made me die, and I would not have it any other way. I hope to expand my Rainbow Rowell collection further by reading Eleanor and Park, Attachments, and Landline. Can't wait to read more.
review 2: It's unexpectedly good, and I like it
... moreso much. Honestly my expectation of Fangirl was not high, partly because of the title (I know judging a book by its title is not a right thing to do, still I did) and partly because it's a young-adult novel. But it is indeed a delicate book, simple yet sophisticated. The story is about the high-school life of the sixteen-year-old Cath, who has serious society anxiety and an identical twins sister, Wren, who desperately wants them to grow apart. There is no extreme event and big word, still it's so enjoyable reading the book. It is all about family, sisterhood, and first love. Even though I don't like reading the extracted fan-fiction parts much, overall it's well-written, nothing is too much and the romantic part is not too cheesy (okay, just a bit cheesy some times). Cath is a weirdo but she is good at heart, Wren is young and wild but she learns her lessons, Levi is a decent and adorable guy, Reagan often bad-mounths but she is kind to her friends. All the characters seem real and relatable, like you can see some parts of you in them :). So yep, it's highly recommended. less
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