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Il Sole Ci Verrà A Cercare (2012)

by Ramona Ausubel(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 3
8811601541 (ISBN13: 9788811601548)
Garzanti Libri
review 1: Twice while reading this book, I found myself sobbing. That's the first sign I have that it's a good book. I'm not often moved to tears by things I read.The cadence of the words of this book stick with me when I've closed the covers, and that's another way I know it's good.But "good" isn't quite right. It's beautiful and horrible. It leaves me feeling both shattered and reassembled.It's a story about the stories we tell ourselves and how those stories have to change as the world changes. The stories shift and are remade as we live them; elements repeat themselves without our invitation, their meaning altered with time and circumstance. In the end all we have to give any shape at all to the muddle of events of the world is the stories we tell. We cling to them and tell them... more over and over again until they become prayers we can tell one another in the dark.Somehow, Ausubel manages to tell a story that is both hopeless and hopeful, both an ending and a beginning (and another ending and a beginning and again and again after that). She skips nimbly over the facts to the emotions underneath and demonstrates that fiction can do a better job than facts of revealing truth.This book leaves me wanting to hug my children close and shield them from the world, even as I know that my job is to send them off to discover their own beautiful, horrible stories (which I hope will be much more beautiful than horrible).
review 2: DNF, but I do have to add a disclaimer that this is not normally the sort of book I enjoy. It was too slow, and possibly too literary for my unrefined tastes. But it was just kind of weird. I didn't understand the premise. From the blurb, I thought starting again meant no God, no nothing that would allow the world to label them, especially not as Jewish. But in the new world, there was still religion and prayer, just no radios, no typewriters, no watches. *Why?* Letting someone else raise your child for the sake of fairness in the new world? Colour me sceptical. I gave it more than one star because I wouldn't have minded continuing. I wasn't disliking it heaps, but at the same time, ended up decided I'd rather spend the time on something I actively enjoyed. less
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Beautiful description, gorgeous cover, haunting title....and just completely terrible.
Good but not great. I found that my interest waned at times.
Sad and haunting book.
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