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Rehab (2008)

by Randi Reisfeld(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 1
1416961216 (ISBN13: 9781416961215)
Simon Pulse
review 1: I'm definitely not the target audience here. The clumsy name-dropping of celebrities (Hayden, etc.) and brands grates pretty quickly, as does the main character's utter vapidity. That said, it's got some fairly redeeming morals by the end as Kenzie learns to trust herself and avoid the party scene. It's all a bit trite, though: girl has all her fairy tale rockstar dreams come true! Girl gets not-quite-addicted to drugs! Girl gets sent to rehab, where she gets the magic sad boy who loves her AND PONIES!
review 2: Reviewed by hoopsielv for TeensReadToo.comKenzie is living the life most teenagers could only dream of: She's the star of a hit TV series, is about to be offered a leading movie role, has a sexy boyfriend, and a great group of friends. But her nigh
... morets are filled with wild parties that eventually cause her to fall into a downward spiral. Hollywood's newest starlet ends up in rehab. Kenzie thinks Serenity Lake will be like an extended hotel stay at first. The loneliness hits her fast and hard, however, and she seeks companionship with another resident, Maxie. Maxie fills Kenzie in on the rules of rehab and keeps her supplied with booze and pills. Kenzie knows she needs to put on a show to go home, so she agrees to equine therapy. She grows close to her horse (whom she affectionately names Brad Pitt) and shares her innermost thoughts with him. Another resident intrigues her. Jeremy's got a story of his own but isn't ready to share it. He finds he's got more in common with Kenzie than they both originally realize. Can they confront their true issues and face life on the outside? Randi Reisfeld succeeds in delivering an enthralling story of how the rise to stardom can go horribly wrong. I highly recommend this novel! less
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this book was so much deeper than i thought it would be.. actually made me cry near the end
highly recomended..2 read
Surprisingly good
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