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If God Was A Banker (2007)

by Ravi Subramanian(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 2
8129111470 (ISBN13: 9788129111470)
Rupa & Co
review 1: It was a nice book showing how a person can be mad behind money and fame and leave the integrity behind to achieve the same.The character of Sundeep did not hold honesty in both his personal and professional life. There were no values or morals for him. Loyalty was not in his dictionary. Only thing existed was to grow and grow with whatever means comes by way. I had read it somewhere ( not in this book ) that a man can be successful in a long term , or lets say a person can be successful in a long term only if he / she gets supported by the family always. But in this case, Sundeep was getting all support from his family but what he was lacking was is the attitude. Women were like source of getting more business for him. He was some one who wished to climb high not only by ... morewrong means but also by making his subordinate ( which was Swani in this case) going down. Dreaming of climbing high is not bad but dreaming of climbing high with a bad attitude and pushing others with equal capabilities down should not be acceptable.All his mis doings eventually led him to a state where there was nothing but REGRET.I did not understand one thing in this book. In the last, Sundeep was questioned for all the bad things he had been doing to the women employee. But weren't those women equally to be blamed for. Weren't they too doing the same to their husbands that Sundeep was doing to Natasha ? Karuna, for example, was enjoying being with Sundeep but one day when she came to know that Sundeep is handling many girls at a time, she got hurt and then wrote an email to the auditor. Why ? Wasn't she a culprit herself before she was raising any finger to Sundeep. Even if Sundeep was promising the women a promotion or salary hike or husband's promotion etc, whatever the reason may be for the women to fell in his trap, but the truth is that, those women were also trying to achieve the same that Sundeep was trying to...MONEY! This is the only part for which I was not convinced with. Nidhi for another instance, was aware of the fraud that the bank was doing for mutual funds, so wasn't she equally to blame to (for leaving the integrity and loyalty behind ) when fingers were pointed at Sundeep. I think if serious actions were taken against Sundeep , then even the others involved should undergo the same actions. If the writer could have made the story which made everyone involved guilty together, then this story might have looked for real.Rest, it was a nice book to read. Apart from the dirt that Sundeep had spread , there were beautiful things described especially the friendship of Aditya.And the idea of audit especially what Michelle does at the end talking to all women and knowing their views in the company was awesome. In reality, such an audits should happen. And if there are people like Sundeep or Ram Naresh in real world anywhere, then those should be thrown away.Lastly, the message taken from this book is that its not only qualifications and smartness that can make one reach heights, but its the right attitude too!
review 2: Its a mean mean world and there are lots of wild beasts here hunting to win at any cost !! That's how I sum up this book!! This book reminded me of Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer , the way plot runs through two contrasting characters Sandeep and Swami.While this book made an attempt to give us an inside view of what insidious western MNCs do to get the job done, it didn't really give me goosebumps or excitement I would want in a fiction. Nevertheless, its simple English helped me to stay through the end of this book. less
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Nothing impressive about the book. Neither the language nor the characters/plot.
Picked it up expecting much from an IIM grad. Disappointed.
End is easily predictable
i think its awesome..
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