#10 – Mushroomhead – 11/9/02

Boy did this turn into quite the eventful trip.  The days of pre-GPS were definitely a more difficult time, especially for an 18 year old driver.  And that would factor in quite a bit into this show.

After quite a bit of online searching I found out that the opening band on this tour was a little known band from Southern California called Avenged Sevenfold.  They would go on to have a little bit of success in their career.  I don’t remember anything from their performance but this is a set I think alot of people would love to hear from A7X these days.  This should be an accurate set.

To End the Rapture
Turn the Other Way
We Come Out at Night
Second Heartbeat
An Epic of Time Wasted

As usual I go out to a show and Shadows Fall was the direct headline support.  And as usual I enjoyed them and didn’t remember a damn thing about what their set was outside of the usual assumption of a majority of playing The Art of Balance songs.

Finally it was headliner time. Mushroomhead had quite the interesting set. In keeping the spirit of the holidays they came back out for their encore wearing pumpkin head masks.  This was my favorite Mushroomhead set I got to see.  A lot of the tracks that they were still playing off of XX are tracks that don’t make it into their current sets anymore.  A lot of strobes lights and a lot of confetti used at the end of the show.  Me being the nerd I am kept the confetti and still have it to this day.  Definitely not the same band now but in early 00’s they were one of my favorite live acts.

Fear Held Dear
Before I Die
Never Let It Go
These Filthy Hands
Chancre Sore
Empty Spaces
Born of Desire


The most interesting part of the evening turned out to be the drive home.  Having not driven to Tulsa myself and being 18 years old were very large detriments to the trip back home.  After making a stop through Muskogee at 3 AM by a bar that looked like it had half the town attending I was incredibly anxious to get back home.  Eventually making it back home around 5 AM.

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