#BookReview – No More Mr. Nice Guy

This book is so good! It’s very well written and gives insight on the Niles character from The Family Business series. The book opens up with him Just leaving Paris Duncan and her trying to kill him. The funny thing is there is never any mention of it again as the book flashes back to when Niles first came home from the military. He was offered a consulting position with a company named Dynamic Defense which is a government defense contractor. Ultimately they are a league of assassins and Niles decided very quickly that he wants nothing to do with them. But after being set up for murder he may not have a choice. Nile went out on a date with a woman, Keisha, he was close with before the military. While out the brother of Keisha’s baby’s father inappropriately confronts her about being out with another man, and Niles decided to teach him a lesson in manners. But when the guy ends up dead, Niles is the number one suspect.

A Dynamic Defense representative, Bridgette St. John, came to his rescue and let him know they could remove all charges if he decided to accept the position with them. He has a hard time saying no as he needed to be free to take care of his ailing mother and Bridgette was one of the most beautiful women he had met in a long time. She trained him for several months gave him a access to credit cards and cash to spruce up his image to be able to blend with the high end targets that they normally went after. But when Niles proves to be one of the best recruits the agency has seen in years. Others start to get ideas on how they will plot to take him down, meanwhile Keisha’s baby’s father is on a rampage to find out who killed his brother and eventually trails start to lead to Bridgette Sr. John and Niles.

In a roller coast thrill ride of suspense, drama, murder, love and betrayal, this novel by Carl Weber is sure to become a great movie. I can’t wait to see if they do it justice on film. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.






Ripped from the pages of his New York Times bestselling Family Business series, Carl Weber brings you No More Mr. Nice Guy, the origin of Niles Monroe, the super-bad hitman who will one day become Paris Duncan’s one true love.

Niles has just returned from eight years of serving his country as a Special Forces sniper. He’s looking forward to a consulting job with Dynamic Defense and spending time with his family, including his bi-polar mother, Lorna, and his hard-drinking uncle, Willie. What Niles doesn’t know is that Dynamic Defense is actually a CIA front. He’s not interested in joining them, but they won’t take no for an answer.

Bridget St. John is one of the most beautiful women Niles has ever met, and she is also the most deadly. It is her job to recruit Niles to the Dynamic Defense team by any means necessary. When Niles is arrested for a murder he does not commit, Bridget makes him an offer he can’t refuse: working for Dynamic Defense in exchange for his freedom.

With Niles on board, Bridget begins to train him in ways he never imagined. Sometimes, however, the student becomes the teacher. Before she realizes what’s happening, Bridget falls in love. When circumstances in his personal life collide with his work, Niles is forced to use his military skills to protect those closest to him.

Fans are sure to appreciate this action-packed thriller that delivers love, drama, and suspense with Weber’s trademark flair for unexpected twists and turns.

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