I had a longer piece planned on something entirely different but time is short and so I’m going to drop everything for this. http://www.becketlaw.org/media/calif-attorney-general-drags-little-sisters-poor-back-court/

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, California and Pennsylvania are suing the Little Sisters of the Poor.  I don’t know much about the Pennsylvania Attorney General.  I’m just going to guess by the last name the closest thing to Catholicism that he embraces is Georgetown, his alma mater.    Now Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, on the other hand, has claimed he’s a “proud Latino and proud Catholic.”  Despite that claim, he has filed suit against the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR!  Let that sink in for a moment. 

Why would anyone sue the Little Sisters of the Poor?!  Let me spell it out to you.  They are Catholic, they stuck to their religious convictions, they WON, and now must be squashed like bugs for it.  This is nothing but a futile attempt to take money from the poor to protect the ideologues who have a big old basket of sour grapes at the moment.  They haven’t quite figured out that we’re pretty intent on not letting them win.  The Little Sisters aren’t Notre Dame and they are not going to roll-over.  They are good, charitable women who aren’t going to ditch their faith to accomplish their mission and we’re going to help them triumph over these evil fools.

The liberals have discounted how really angry this makes the faithful Catholics.  In fact, it ticks off our Protestant brethren, too.  Heck, I have liberal leaning Catholic friends who are really not comfortable with this.  We might not all embrace the same doctrines and ideologies but sane people don’t usually go around suing smiling sisters who SERVE THE POOR AND VULNERABLE.  There might be a special place for those who think that’s a good idea.  Good luck with that.

So, I ask my fellow Catholics who are free or can take a vacation day to attend the hearing on December 12th in California and December 14th in Pennsylvania.  If we don’t stand up for these ladies, the most sympathetic victims in this ridiculous persecution, what kind of Catholics are we?  Now is not the time for apathy.  I realize that we cannot all attend but we certainly can promote, advocate and donate, offer  a rosary, a prayer, time in front of the Blessed Sacrament on behalf of the good sisters with such a pure mission.  Do whatever you can but do something!

And a special note to the clergy…I also realize that some of you can’t leave your posts but, with the dawn of cell phones, MANY of you can.  You should, at THE very least, be leading the charge of support in your parishes.  Even on short notice, I hope to see many priests and some bishops from all over California and Pennsylvania at these hearings standing up for your sisters!  Where you lead, people will follow.

So, if apathetic is where you tend to go, please take one more look at these ladies and find some way to support them while they care for our poor and vulnerable and our religious freedom.  Let’s show the world they picked the wrong ladies to persecute! #LetThemServe




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