(record review)LACRIMOSA-“Testimonium”(Hall of Sermon)

I always had sort of warm/cold relationship with this Swiss gothic rock metal institution. Some of their albums worked for me fine, some just didnt. Now we are into their thirteenth studio album. Mastermind Tilo Wolff paid respect to all of the famous musicians that were somehow his role models and which passed away in 2016.

The album is supposed to be divided into four acts. All of the ten songs were written under feelings of sorrow, loss and it is one of the most emotional albums ever made by this band. The opener “Wann unsere Helden sterben” is gentle nod to the music heroes saying that the part of us died with them. As always, Tilo and Anne Nurmi provide excellent vocal interplay on all songs. “Nach dem Sturm” has a beautiful sad main melody and it brought goosebumps on my skin. “Weltenbrand” is probably the most metallic song on the record and one of my favourites. Other highlights of the album for me are “Herz and Verstand” and “Black Wedding Day”. This concept of hommage in symphony and emotions is the best Lacrimosa album in this decade for sure.


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