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Sır (2012)

by Tami Hoag(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
Koridor Yayıncılık
Oak Knoll
review 1: Very engaging mystery thriller, lots of excitement, danger, and twists.A woman is brutally murdered. The police need to figure out who did it. The woman was the mother of a young child who was also attacked but not killed and is now a potential dangerous witness who can expose her mother's killer. A while later the victim's best friend disappears, probably because she can shed light on the mystery. If you like mystery thrillers then you will probably like this one.
review 2: Tami Hoag write good crime stories I would certainly give that. Retiring FBI profiler training junior officer solving crimes is normally a good setup, where you can create legendary without making them look arrogant (Just let the junior sing the praises!). Some comment on the negative s
... moreide though: there's too much continuation from the first book. I can understand the purpose of the Morgan family story line serving some purpose for the plot, but the sociopathic kid? He is totally unnecessary to be kept. The boy is a constant reminder of how annoying the leading female character is. She's just painful to read and a magnet for bad things. It's always wrong to word it but tbh I hold not even a thread of sympathy for her after reading the two books. less
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Good book. Liked the characters, good or bad. Ending surprised me, love that.
A fairly intricate plot and i have to say my favorite part was gina.
Very readable on I'd certainly try some other Tami Hoag books
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