A Stardance Summer by Emily March


Touching New Romance by Emily March, Release Date- 6/27/17

Liliana Howe was tired of being the good girl, the levelheaded one, the dependable employee. She was done with being a people pleaser, and that went for her parents as well. After working crazy hours, and giving up a social life for an accounting firm, her boss had the audacity to betray her in the worse possible way. But, the real stab came when she went to her parents for help, and they snubbed her.

Liliana decided to remake herself and go on an adventure. She bought an RV and headed straight for Eternity Springs in Colorado, the Stardance Ranch to be exact. Liliana was joining the Tornado Alleycats. They may be older than her, but they knew how to truly live. And, that’s the type of people Liliana needed around her. The person she never expected to meet at the Ranch, however, was Brick Callahan, her childhood crush. And didn’t that just bring up all kinds of possibilities for a good girl wanting to go bad. Liliana wanted to definitely spread her wings and explore her new options.

What Liliana learned at Stardance Ranch was that everyone has their past hurts and that she was not alone. People survive betrayal and heartache all the time. But to truly be happy and fully alive, Liliana would have to let go of her hurt and spread a little love wherever she went. And, if she was paying attention, she might even recognize an angel, a human angel, but an angel just the same.

I thoroughly enjoyed this heartfelt tale about love, letting go and forgiveness. It’s a little gushy and unrealistic, but it’s truly an uplifting, and touching story. I loved it.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~4 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover


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