All Tied Up – Breaking Silence

All Tied Up are a four piece pop punk band from Milton Keynes and are also signed to Stack In A Box Records, taking many influences from bands in the pop punk scene such as All Time Low, Bowling For Soup, Green Day, New Found Glory and Blink 182.

Band Members
Dave Palfreyman – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Billy Norman – Guitar
LeeBo – Bass
Nick Freeman – Drums

Breaking Silence Ep was released on 22nd September 2017 with Stack In A Box Records.

Track List,
1, So Enthusiastic
2, Better Day
3, Asbestos Box
4, Breaking Silence
5, Master of Diguise

So Enthusiastic. There is a big intro to the track which is fairly calm as it increases to more layers of sound, as the backing vocals come in, the track breaks down; hard hits from the cymbals and then a drum roll up into a short break and then to the intro Pt.2. The stabby verse which is heavily supports the vocals, the lead guitar riff twinkles over top of the track and adds extra flavour to the sound. The track builds up into the chorus as the verse gets thicker layers and having the pace quicken. The open sounding chorus really keeps you listening to the music and it has a really easy to listen melody and easy to catch the lyrics. Sitting as the first track, it really shows many different aspects of the band and what type of music the rest of Ep is going to sound like.

Better Day. A fast upbeat start which has a lot of sound pushed by punk riffs which drops in and out of the verse, as the verse seems to be more based around palm muting, short sound which creeps away from the palm muting and an almost full sound of music. The chorus opens up into a section which seems to have slowed down and goes into a catch melody from the vocals and the lyrics are easy to get stuck in your head “I’m here, I’m wading; You’re not, I’m fading.” The heavy use of having short and small riffs that weave in and out of the sound, with the chorus having such a wide sound of different layers fitting together, there sits a wonderful and powerful lead guitar that helps drive the track forward.

Asbestos Box. The strong bass riff which the band starts to build around from the very start, the blending from the two guitars moving around the sound, having the lead guitar really stand out but then also letting the low end bass be heard as well, the great balance makes a perfect sound. Sections really have their own sound going on, the verse seems to have this super powerful bass, which is backed up by the hard hitting drums with a slight bit of rhythm guitar which is just added for an extra hint of spice to the second verse. A Break while the music stops and then goes into a short instrumental section where the sound builds up and breaks into the last chorus “Fall and transcend into nothing.” which the first section is sung with minimum backing from the band.

Breaking Silence. The title track for the Ep, combines more of a punk rock vibe to the music, having hard hitting drums, heavy bass and then the speedy lead guitar. The drop in the sound between the vocals really drives the emotions of the sound. The track picks up into more of a straight pattern into the chorus and there is a bend of a lot of different sounds going on, which makes a super catchy sound. The use of overall contrast throughout the track makes the thick sections sound a lot stronger with the more quiet parts of the music. The track is the big hitter of the EP and really expands every part of what the band can create.

Master of Disguise. Screaming, fixed with loud intro of the sound makes you know that even though this is the last track, please pay attention. This starts to sound a lot different to the rest the Ep, and almost breaking down into acoustic and the vocals become more personal and almost being direct at someone. Exploding chorus helps you dial back into the bands music, back to more of an old pop punk vibe. Though this might be end of the Ep, there is almost a sign as this is what type of writing is going to happen next.

Exploding the various versions of All Tied Up sounds can bring people back to into more of what pop punk bands sound like.

“Pop punk won’t die, as long as All Tied Up are around”

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